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Telematrix Guestroom Telephones

Telematrix Guestroom Telephones by Cetis

Telematrix Hotel Phones are used in 1000's of guestrooms across the country.  Telematrix Phones are a division of the Cetis Group who aslo manufactures the Teledex Diamond Guestroom Telehones and the Scitec Aegis Guestroom Telephones.  The Telematrix Phones are available in single line, two line and lobby versions.  They also have either 3, 5, or 10 guest service buttons and can be purchased with or without speakerphone.  The Telematrix Guestroom telephone is a great addition to any Hotel room and can be purchased from Hotel Communication Supply at the lowest price.  Free shipping on purchases of 50 telephones or more and faceplate printing and programming is also Free on purchases of 50 or more.

Telematrix 3100MWB Single Line Guest Room Phone Ash 31039 Telematrix 3300MW10 Single Line 10 Button Ash 33239 Telematrix 9600 Handset 1.9Ghz Guest Room Cordless 96559HDKIT