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Will Robots Replace Hotel Staff?

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"Relay is a beautifully simple autonomous delivery robot who increases productivity, revenue, and delight to people in a range of industries and organizations."

Savioke Relay Hospitality Robot

Savioke has begun to ship a robot they call Relay, specifically designed for the hospitality industry.  "Wally" as the robot is called at the Residence Inn LAX is delivering a real return on the investment.  Guests love to interact with Wally and he serves a real purpose delivering items from the store and towels when necessary.  Sales are up at the hotel. 

So far Wally seems to be augmenting the current employees and possibly helping the hotel actually hire more people. For now occupancy is up as Wally is a novelty.  

If robots get more sophisticated and can operate completely autonomously they may start to take some jobs away from current hotel staff.  If you want a bottle of wine and Wally can go to the cooler get the wine, charge the guest and deliver it to the room, that would surely eliminate an employee.

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